1. Event organization, presentations and participation in major international venues

ETRA/ICCS presentations in the digital event “Sustainable Places 2020” organized by the EC (https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/). ETRA organized a workshop entitled “Sustainable Digital Tools for All Energy Actors” on 29/10/2020 https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/home/sp20-workshops-events/sustainable-digital-tools-for-all-energy-actors/
SIN presented the FLEXGRID strategies and developments at the digital event: “World Energy Storage Day (WESD) Global Conference & Expo 2020” Organised by the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) on 22/09/2020. https://energystorageday.org/event/conference-program/
SIN presented the FLEXGRID H2020 project and the work that is being carried out for redispatch 2.0 with a group of young professionals working in areas of Flexibility for the Energy sector. The group is an invite based professional group of Energy flexibility professionals in Europe. The event was held with the group members on Date: 21.01.2021, https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12475050/
SIN presented the FLEXGRID H2020 project and the various tools, services and use-cases developed for different stakeholders involved in the project. Finally, the survey of FLEXGRID was shared for gathering additional inputs. InnoEnergy is a Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) supported by European Institute of Technology (EIT). CommUnity by InnoEnergy is a digital platform gathering Master students in Energy topics, PhD researchers, Entrepreneurs, and energy professionals. The event was organised by one of the student volunteer groups of CommUnity by InnoEnergy on Horizon 2020 projects where FLEXGRID H2020 project introductory presentation was conducted on Date: 22.02.2021, https://community.innoenergy.com/events/48985
SIN participated in the symposium organized on the diverse research themes together with the Nordic Edge 2021 (https://nordicedge.org/expo/) in the city of Stavanger, Norway. The FLEXGRID business modelling and impact analysis work was presented in the University of Stavanger (UiS) symposium (https://indico.uis.no/event/14/) under the session organized by European Bauhaus Nordic representatives.
FLEXGRID was represented at the ENLIT 2021 conference in Milan, Italy on 01/12/2021 by partners SIN, DTU, UCY and ICCS. The project had a booth in EU projects’ zone where it networked with other projects and industry representatives, and presented its concepts and results to stakeholders in a presentation and one panel session (https://www.enlit-europe.com/post-event-report-2021).
FLEXGRID was represented at the ETIP SNET webinars in the context of presenting the High Level Use Cases for the ETIP SNET 2022-2025 R&I implementation Plan. ETRA presented some lessons learned from the project related to HLUC 9 - Flexibility provision by Building, Districts and Industrial Processes. Recording available (in the following weeks) https://ec.europa.eu/info/events/etip-snet-webinars-high-level-use-cases-2022-may-12_en
FLEXGRID was represented at the 45th Jubilee International Convention on Information, Communication and Electronic Technology held in Opatija, Croatia 23.-27.05.2022. M. Pavić from HOPS together with Prof. H. Pandžić and D. Badanjak from UNIZG-FER presented FLEXGRID project.
FLEXGRID was represented by SIN at a prediction workshop on 7th of June 2022, “Digital workshop: Forecasting in Energy”. In addition, Spyros Theocharidis and Stylianos Loizidis from UCY, Paul Zehetbauer from AIT presented research cases from the FLEXGRID project.

2. Industry-oriented communication activities of FLEXGRID services and intelligence to interested stakeholders

NODES and NPC engaged in B2B meetings with targeted industrial stakeholders, who could be interested to operate on a FLEXGRID marketplace in their geographical region in the future or are interested in using any of the novel FLEXGRID services. NODES/NPC tried to attract the stakeholders, who would like to participate in flexibility marketplaces in order to educate them on the features of the platform and persuade them to participate and extend their business through it.

SIN led the organization of industrial workshop(s)/DEMO days and webinars.

SIN & ETRA led communication activities to regulators/policy makers.

BNNETZE led communication activities to public authorities exploiting its experience/network from Thuega group and respective public municipality affiliations.

ETRA led communication activities to grassroots community organizations such as RESCOOPs and smart energy communities, which want to be front-runners in Europe’s green energy transition era.

The initial target was to have 11 events to targeted industrial companies. Below, FLEXGRID achievements are clustered in 10 industrial communication (IC) activities. Some of them refer to more than one activity like IC1 (from NODES), IC2 (from NPC), IC3 (from SIN), IC4 (from bnNETZE) and IC6 (from HOPS). So, in total, the industrial communication activities have been far more than the target that was initially set.

Communication of FLEXGRID topics and ideas to stakeholders in other pilot projects to raise awareness of challenges and topics addressed and sensibilize for future results. Results of increased interest are the advanced OPF algorithms for grid state analysis as well as grid-aware market clearing approaches. Furthermore, topics of major interest within FLEXGRID are new tools implemented to facilitate the commercialization of flexibility to market agents as well as analyses of the flexibility potential and comparison of flexibility prices with spot prices.
Customer and stakeholder engagement through regular capacity building workshops, both in the framework of quarterly power market courses and through targeted B2B sessions with interested stakeholders.
A survey organized and shared with various organizations representing broad overview of energy market perspectives from different countries in Europe. There was a total of 9 respondents representing 6 European countries with diverse stakeholder profiles.
The results of the project have been presented within the ‘Thuega-Group’ - the widest network of utilities in Germany with around 100 member companies.
Regular stakeholder discussions with customers looking for alternative ways to operate their power systems by increasing the use of distributed flexibility resources.
HOPS had several meetings with the first aggregator in Croatia - KOER Ltd.
HOPS had a joint meeting with several parties (Voltalis, DR4EU, EIHP, HERA) about large-scale aggregation of small consumers sharing examples and experiences.
HOPS presented its work on FLEXGRID project on Croatian conference organized by Croatian CIGRE society (15th HRO CIGRE conference - November 2021.)

IC9 - SIN : Industrial event called “Energy flexibility: from customer to market”, in which several energy companies from Norway exchanged ideas on the development of flexibility markets and related standardization efforts in the EU area: https://smartinnovationnorway.com/en/kurs-og-arrangementer/flexibility-from-customer-to-market/ The event took place on 20/9/2022 at 12:00-15:30 CET.

IC10 - SIN
Industrial event called “Final FLEXGRID Hybrid DEMO Day event”, in which the most important FLEXGRID results were demonstrated

https://flexgrid-project.eu/hybrid_demo_day.html The event took place on 26/9/2022 at 09:00-12:30 CET.

3. Communication Activities of FLEXGRID services and intelligence to interested stakeholders

ICCS leads this activity being responsible for periodically updating the FLEXGRID’s website with new dissemination and communication material.

All FLEXGRID deliverables (together with all other dissemination material like scientific papers) are made public in the project’s website (see the “Downloads” tab here: https://flexgrid-project.eu/deliverables.html), so as everyone may have access and download the respective material.

The datasets will be made publicly available after the end of the first S/W integration phase (expected in M27) in the FLEXGRID GitHub area (https://github.com/FlexGrid).

4. Training activities and academic dissemination

DTU led this activity exploiting its large and international academic portfolio and its experience in organizing summer/winter schools and other types of research brainstorming workshops and training activities. All other academic partners (i.e. UNIZG-FER, ICCS, UCY, AIT) contributed, too.

Dr. Prodromos Makris (ICCS) presented FLEXGRID functionalities in the context of academic lectures at the University of the Aegean, School of Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering. Three lectures took place in December 2019, December 2020 and December 2021 in the MSc program and two dedicated DEMO lab workshops in the BSc program (January 2021 and January 2022).
NPC presented extracts of the FLEXGRID project during the ERRA online course on “Introduction to Regulation of Flexibility in the Power Grid” on 8 March 2021.
NPC presented the main concept of the FLEXGRID project during the Nord Pool standard introductory power market course “The Physical and Financial Power Markets” on 4 March 2021.
HOPS presented FLEXGRID project and its main concept and goals to the students from University Zagreb - Department of Energy and Power Systems during the Summer school in HOPS.
ICCS presented the FLEXGRID project during the “H2020 Low TRL Smart Grids and Storage Projects Clustering workshop” that was organized by EC’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) on 03-04 December 2020.
ICCS presented the FLEXGRID project during the “BRIDGE General Assembly 2021” that was organized by EC and BRIDGE project 02-04 March 2021.
ICCS participated in the writing of the BRIDGE report entitled “Interoperability of flexibility assets” by cooperating with other related H2020 projects. Published in Q1 2022. FLEXGRID partners have also actively participated in BRIDGE “BRIDGE General Assembly 2022” event that was held on 22-24 March 2022.
FLEXGRID actively participates in the FlexCommunity (https://flex-community.eu/) forum which is composed of many ongoing EU projects (e.g. FlexiGrid, edgeFLEX, FEVER, GIFT, Platone, BD4OPEM, etc.) related to flexibility in smart grids and interaction with social sciences. Kick off of the community was on 2nd of February 2022. Dr. Nikolaos Efthymiopoulos represented FLEXGRID on behalf of ICCS.
H2020 PARITY project: ICCS/NTUA team had a physical meeting with HYPERTECH energy labs (https://www.ht-energylabs.com/), which is an SME offering ICT solutions for the future smart grid. The meeting took place in ICCS premises (Athens) on 14th July 2020. FLEXGRID Project Coordinator exchanged research ideas with the H2020 PARITY (https://parity-h2020.eu/) technical coordination team and discussed about future project proposals.
H2020 WISEGRID, CROSSBOW and X-FLEX projects: ETRA, being responsible for FLEXGRID ATP S/W integration as well as integration with other S/W platforms, coordinated the technical discussions on how FLEXGRID algorithmic results can be used as input to or be shared with the above-mentioned S/W platforms developed by ETRA, too. The same strategy was followed with H2020 SOCIALENERGY project coordinated by ICCS, while this “know-how” will be used as part of FLEXGRID future exploitation activities.